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Premium sprayer kit with 32 ounce concentrate.

Premium sprayer kit with 32 ounce concentrate.


Premium Kit-W/32oz.
Perfect for medium-sized jobs! Yields up to 2.75 Gallons and covers 600 to 1000 sq ft*. Super Easy and Convenient!
*Results can varydepending on the area being treated, dilution ratio, and sprayer setting.
(Each Kit Includes One Premium 1 Gallon Sprayer Plus One 32oz. Ultra Concentrate.)

  • Return Policy

    Returns and refunds are granted for damaged products that occurred during shipping. A damaged goods claim from USPS or UPS is required so please obtain a valid report number prior to contacting us. Due to quality control concerns LawnLiftTM does not grant refunds or accept returns on opened items, so please be sure that you will use the product before ordering.
    Only items that are unused and unopened maybe returned within 30 days of the original purchase date. All returns will incur full shipping fees both ways and a 20% re-stocking fee.

  • Care Instructions

    Do not spray in windy or wet conditions. Please mask off any areas you do not wish to have over spray on and always wear protective clothing and old shoes because they could get stained. It is recommended that you wear protective eyewear, gloves and a breathing mask as the product can irritate some individuals. Do not spray with another present unless they are also protected. And as with anynon-edible liquid, keep it out of reach of children.

    Since accidental over spray can occur it is recommended to have a bucket of soapywater available with a nylon or light (bbq style) wire brush to remove anyoversprayon concrete, etc. Windex
    also works verywell at removing product that was applied accidentally to anyhard surface, such as concrete or bricks.
    Drying time is on average 30 minutes assuming the sun is out.
    Drying time can be greatlyaffected bygloomy, overcast conditions or if moisture is present so test the area prior to having anyone walk over the lawn